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The Right to be forgotten

At the risk of misjudging readers,  it is probably safe to say that every one of us has at least one acutely uncomfortable memory of something we did in the past, and which is so embarrassing that it is filed … Continue reading

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Big Brother really is watching you

In 1949 George Orwell published his novel Nineteen Eighty-Four depicting a future society governed by a dictatorship which infiltrated every minute aspect of the citizens life. This dictatorship is supported by the Party, which is controlled by the secretive leader … Continue reading

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Shopping in Hong Kong

Some time ago I was in a phone shop when a young man came in with a broken mobile phone and asked if it could be fixed. When asked where he had purchased the phone, he replied “The internet”. He … Continue reading

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Internet Bullying

For those who remember Andy Warhol, the American artist and leading figure in the visual art movement known as “Pop Art”, you may also remember a prediction which he made in 1968 to the effect that “In the future, everyone … Continue reading

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Blogger beware!

The relative ease with which anybody can now become a publisher through the internet can often blind people to the legal pitfalls that await the unwary blogger. For many this new found freedom to express opinions to the world at … Continue reading

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